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Countless interesting trails throughout the Wasatch-Cache National Forest and Cache Valley combine with wonderful weather during spring, summer, and fall to make hiking a delight for all ages and abilities. Logan Canyon boasts some of the most picturesque landscapes anywhere. Spring Hollow is located about 4.3 miles up the canyon and is an easy half-mile walk to one of the regions most photographed streams. An 6-mile trail winds its way to the 1,500-year-old Jardine Juniper tree. A popular 2-mile hike to the Wind Caves offers an outstanding example of arches and rooms formed by wind and ice erosion. The 1-mile Limber Pine trail, located at the summit of Logan Canyon, features interpretive information designed especially for children.

Logan Ranger District Office (435) 755-3620

Click here to download our Cache Valley Hiking Trail Guide or pick up a printed copy at our office. In addtion, our Gift Shop sells a book called Cache Trails which is the most comprehensive guide to local hiking.

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Tony Grove Lake

Known as the crown jewel of the Bear River Range, this glacial lake greets visitors with an explosion of summer wildflowers and lush green plants. Tony Grove was formed by powerful and slow-moving glaciers, as evidenced by the huge boulders deposited around the lake. Moose are often spotted taking advantage of the water’s cool summer temperatures. Take cash or check as there is a $6 parking fee (as of Sept 2013) for day use at the lake. Stay overnight in one of 34 campsites at the campground. Picnic areas and a fully accessible boardwalk are located near the water.

The turn-off to the lake is 19.6 miles up Logan Canyon off U.S. Hwy. 89. A 7-mile road climbs to 8,050 feet. (435) 755-3620

26.6 miles from Logan in Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Logan Canyon
(435) 755-3620 Logan Ranger District